The “contemporary authors” series represents a particular type of monograph, where the publication itself is seen as a project. In fact, every volume is ideated both in terms of content and of graphic appearance, with the author who becomes, at the same time, object and subject of the cognitive investigation on which the book is based. Every volume is therefore both a description of a professional trajectory and a work in its own right, capable of unveiling, from the cover to the last page, the experimentation carried out by every player in the contemporary debate through his activities.

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Critical Lectures series incarnates the publishing house’s will to give voice to the university researches about the most important issues in the contemporary debate, in a historic moment in which the architecture questions its languages and roles, becoming a place of experimentation and innovation.

ON THE ROAD is the series which Forma dedicates to cities all over the world.
Every volume tells the story about a place, explored through its masterpieces of art and architecture. Critical and descriptive texts serve as essential complement to the section with in-depth studies of the selected places of interest. An introductory treatise examines the development of the city in urbanistic and territorial terms, providing a historical overview which prepares us for an attentive visit of the city, while the second treatise explores the contemporary reality. Each guide is accompanied by a practical map which is folded so as to serve as a removable dust jacket for the book. All the works described inside the book are featured on the back of the map, organized in itineraries.
The volume also contains useful information and advice which will make it simpler to visit the city, reducing the time necessary to get around and making it possible to grasp the essence of the place also in a short visit.

Available Guides:

Hamburg | Barcelona | Florence | London | Milan | Moscow | Naples | New York | Rome | Berlin | Maggie’s centres

Coming Soon:

Istanbul | Paris

ONE is the editorial initiative sponsored by Forma Edizioni about a serie dedicated to Italian contemporary architecture, cured by Laura Andreini and Andrea Mannocci.
The protagonists of this serie’s volumes are project, one for each, of the selected studies among young architects working in Italy and abroad.
The monographs, in a bilingual edition Italian/English, will be published during the year and, collected in a special box, will constitute a document of the Italian architectural reality in its most innovative and cutting-edge thrust. Each volume consists of a introductory essay, a presentation of the project and of the study, through a biography, a brief list of the works and a bibliography of publications. Photographs, sketches and technical drawings are also key tools for reading the proposal project.

Forma edizioni continues its research on contemporary architecture launching a new series dedicated to typologies.
An accurate selection of works realized during the last years all over the world is illustrated through images, text descriptions and technical drawings. The objective is to give an overview on the evolution of the examined typologies, how they have changed in relation with the develpment of new building technologies or following the appearance of new requirements and lifestyles.
Critical texts outline future design perspectives.




TOP TEN is an editorial initiative edited by Carlo Vannicola, dedicated to contemporary design. Each volume of this series takes into consideration the production of a designer, analysing the career through a selection of his objects.


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