30 years after that terrible night, the two Tuscan photographers Paolo Cagnacci and Matteo Cesari, have visually documented the historical legacy, reconstructing part of the events along the lines of the various traces followed by the investigators.The memory of that awful night survives in the families of the victims, the people who suffered injuries, the lawyers involved in the trials, the firefighters who dug the bodies out of the ruins, as do the objects found and cherished as the remnants of the event, and even the anonymous places where the crucial stages of the attack were prepared.

Matteo Cesari, born in Florence in 1979, he graduated with a degree in Conservation of the Cultural Heritage from the University of Pisa and also earned a diploma of proficiency in photography at the Studio Marangoni Foundation of Florence. He is a professional documentary photographer and reporter. His photographs have been exhibited at Lu.C.C.A , the Lucca Center of Contemporary Art, at the Italian Embassy in Luxembourg, at the Festival of Social Photography in Piombino and Perugia and at the Photolux Festival in Lucca. He has published his works in national magazines like Internazionale, Sette, Pagina99 and D – la Repubblica delle donne. He is a member of the photographic collective Groomingphoto.

Paolo Cagnacci, professional photographer and teacher of photography, was born in Florence in 1971. He studies photography at the StudioMarangoni Foundation, where he currently teaches portrait photography and lighting techniques. He has also taught at the European Design Institute of Florence. His pictures have been published in magazines like: D – la Repubblica delle donne, la Repubblica, Il Corriere della Sera, La Stampa, Sette,SportWeek, L’Espresso, Pagina99, Specchio, Lei, Donna Moderna, Famiglia Cristiana, La Lettura. He has produced photographic and video projects for the Region of Tuscany, the Festival of Creativity, the People’s Festival, Balkan Observatory, the Michelucci Foundation, Tempo Reale, Unicoop Firenze, the City of Florence, Telecom Foundation, Mibact, CNA. He has worked for companies like: Diesel, Patrizia Pepe, Paula Cademartori, Peuterey, Starbucks, Stefanel, Ottodame, Dmail, Rinascimento. He has worked for the Massimo Sestini Agency. His work is distributed by the Luz Photo Agency of Milano.

Unaezeroquattro. Paolo Cagnacci, Matteo Cesari

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