A collection of thoughtful essays, a compendium of theories about transversality and the interdisciplinary nature of design. A series of microstories that use real facts as sources of inspiration. The evolution of materials and techniques, art and design, the authors and their works, the formal and typological aspects, the historical and anthropological, psychological and social elements, explored in a sequence of reflections, each seemingly consequential to the previous and thus essential to the whole, which is the sum of “just enough” of each to tell the complete story of what it means to develop a project in our time.

Carlo Vannicola is Professor of Industrial Design at the University of Camerino’s Architecture Department. In the past, he has taught at the Universities of Florence and Genoa, where he founded and coordinated the Five-Year Degree Course in Product and Event Design. He is concerned with the theory and practice of design, with particular attention to the typological and technological evolution of many categories of products and their relationship between past and present, between transversality and the interdisciplinary aspects of the skills involved. Exponent of the design process as a method of research and sharing of experiences, he has organized exhibitions of design in Italy and abroad. He has also taught many workshops in international project design.

Quanto basta. Microstorie di design / Just enough. Design Microstories

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by Carlo Vannicola

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