“The dialogue between natural and artificial but also between the earthly dimension and the spiritual, seen through the eyes of photographers who have examined places, conflicts and paradoxes that cross the contemporary world, reflecting on the complex position that humans occupy on the planet.” The idea for SuperNatural – imagined by Irene Alison and Paolo Cagnacci as a reflection that cuts across contemporary life including our relationship with space as much as the way in which we project ourselves in time, before a horizon that grows even more uncertain , between epidemics and climate crisis – is expressed in this cycle of exhibitions featuring national and international authors with photographs and videos that, though firmly anchored in reality, generate the awe of science fiction.

On the screens of Rifugio Digitale, the pictures open windows and other worlds, where they give concrete shape to hope, inviting the viewer to acquire critical awareness and attempt a change of peace, in search of a new balance. The cycle includes works by photographers Luca Locatelli, Charlotte Dumas, Matthieu Gafsou, Piero Percoco, Hayley Eichenbaum, Maria Lax and Petrina Hicks.

Laura Andreini is Associate Professor of Architectural and Urban Composition at the Architectural Faculty of Florence University.
In addition to her design and teaching career, Laura Andreini is renowned for her research and critical studies. She is a member of several architectural magazine editorial boards, has published numerous articles and critiques, and has been guest speaker at a large number of conferences and conventions.

Irene Alison The professional journalist and photo-consultant, Irene Alison, was born in Naples in 1977. She is creative director of the photographic project and consulting studio, DER*LAB, and teaches at the European Design Institute (IED) in Rome, in addition to collaborating as a tutor and consultant with some of the most important Italian schools of photography (Isfci, Rufa, Scuola Romana di Fotografia in Rome and Fondazione Studio Marangoni in Florence, among others). As an editor, she has worked for the Manifesto and D, La Repubblica delle Donne. As a freelance journalist, she has produced, with other photographers, a number of reports published in Geo France, The Independent, l’Espresso, D, XL, Marie Claire and Riders. Her articles of photographic criticism have been published by newspapers like La Lettura, Corriere della Sera, Il Sole 24 ORE and Pagina99. She has published two essays of photographic research, My generation (Postcart, 2012) and iRevolution (Postcart, 2014) and, in 2022, the American publisher Yoffy Press printed “Holding Time”, a book written with the photographer Catherine Panebianco, for which Irene authored the texts. In 2022 Postcart has published her essay, Muse col Muso (Muses with Muzzles, imaginary animals in contemporary photography).

Paolo Cagnacci Professional photographer and teacher of photography, Paolo Cagnacci was born in Florence in 1971. He studies photography at the Studio Marangoni Foundation, where he currently teachers portrait photography and lighting techniques. He has also taught at the European Design Institute of Florence. His pictures have been published in magazines like: D la Repubblica, Corriere della Sera, La Repubblica, La Stampa, Sette, SportWeek, L’Espresso, Pagina99, Specchio, Lei, Donna Moderna, Famiglia Cristiana, Corriere della Sera-La Lettura. He has produced photographic and video projects for the Region of Tuscany, the Festival of Creativity, the People’s Festival, Balkan Observatory, the Michelucci Foundation, Tempo Reale, Unicoop Firenze, the City of Florence, Telecom Foundation, Mibact, CNA. He has worked for companies like: Diesel, Patrizia Pepe, Paula Cademartori, Peuterey, Starbucks, Stefanel, Ottodame, Dmail, Rinascimento. He has worked for the Massimo Sestini Agency. His work is distributed by the Luz Photo Agency of Milano.


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