The cheerful community of an urban garden, the daily life in an apartment where disabled children live, the face of a young scientist: these are just some of the images captured in the year-long journey through the social and urban world of the Fondazione Cariplo led by 13 homeless photographers selected by the Milan Department of Social Policy. In the photographic exhibition curated by Dalia Gallico, open from the 27th of May until the 1st of September at the Gallerie D’Italia, Fondazione Cariplo presents the story of its identity through the images of 13 projects chosen from the 1,500 that it carries out each year. It is above all about the perspective of 13 men who are used to being defined by their shortcomings as homeless, without work, without identity, and without a future. Invisible women and men to whom the camera has restored their dignity and power of expression. The journey was made possible thanks to collaboration with the association Ri-scatti, the non-profit organization founded by Federica Balestrieri that has been carrying out projects of social integration through photography since 2015 with the support of Fondazione Cariplo, and with the Gallerie d’Italia. The 52 unpublished images chosen from the 9,800 shots that the 13 artists have taken over the course of a year, after participating in photography courses held by photojournalists of the association The Witness Journal, will be on display in the prestigious spaces of the museum and cultural center of Intesa San Paolo. It is a perspective that combines the act of narrating with that of sharing one’s own story, as video interviews with the photographers will be projected alongside the images in the exhibition. It is a witness account that sheds light on the lives of people who pass through the peripheral, fragile, marginal soul of Milan every day. We will discover who they are, where they spend the day, where they eat, how they wash, who they have lost in the street, what places they call home, what they want and what they have seen watching the world with their camera. A year-long journey that took them from the suburbs to the heart of the city.


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