Palazzo Vecchio is a volume portraying the architecture of the historic Florentine palace immortalized by internationally renowned photographer Massimo Listri. The first comprehensive and organic photographic documentation of the building, updated in the wake of recent restoration and re-functionalization work, the sequence of images traverses the palace’s exterior and interior spaces page after page.The alternation of halls, courtyards, and museum spaces, enriched by countless pictorial and sculptural elements, gives life, in Listri’s gaze, to a faithfully objective overview of the building that, since the end of the thirteenth century, has constituted the heart of Florence’s civic and political life, still a place for meetings, debate, and dialogue. The volume, edited by Sergio Risaliti, offers short essays by experts on the subject such as Serena Pini and Carlo Francini, with a contribution by Mayor Dario Nardella.

Sergio Risaliti graduated from Florence University with a degree in History of Modern and Contemporary Art. Since 2018 he has been artistic director of the Museo Novecento in Florence. He is an art historian and critic, creator and curator of exhibitions and interdisciplinary events, writer and journalist. To his credit he has the conception and curatorship of a hundred exhibitions in public and private spaces.

Massimo Listri has had solo exhibitions mounted in various parts of the world.The most recent have found space in the Royal Palace in Milan, the Morgan Library&Museum in New York, the Pitti Palace in Florence, the National Central Library in Taipei, the Institute of Culture in Tokyo, the Museum of the University of Hong Kong, the Museum of Modern Art in Bogota, and the Vatican Museums in Rome.


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curated by Sergio Risaliti, with photos by Massimo Listri and texts by Vittorio Sgarbi, Dario Nardella, Carlo Francini e Serena Pini

Italian edition

> available in Italian edition

Press release

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ISBN: 978-88-55211-68-0

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