The influence of Anjou and Aragon, and the traces left by Bourbon, Hapsburg and Napoleonic domination have made Naples a treasure  of different styles and periods, rich in original imperfections and extravagance that deserve to be discovered and enjoyed. This guide is aimed at illustrating the structure and unusual aspects of a city in constant artistic ferment, where architecture ranges from ancient aristocratic palaces to the modern futuristic skyscrapers of the business district, the Art Stations of the Naples Metro, the small Art Nouveau houses in the poorer areas in the historic centre; architecture that exists layer upon layer, spreading outwards to the city boundaries.  The twenty-year period of Fascism was crucial for Neapolitan architecture: the city was the object of widespread land drainage and reclamation work, resulting in the conclusive isolation of the Angevin Keep, the creation of the new Corsea in the area of the new foundations for the San Giuseppe-Carità district, as well as a large number of building projects in the city centre. The “On the Road” series offers readers a voyage of discovery showing how ancient historical buildings like those of Naples, can cohabit alongside some of the most innovative and contemporary architecture existing today.

Andrea Nastri, architect and journalist, is involved in research in modern and contemporary architecture and collaborates with Italian and international magazines and publishing houses specialised in this field. Giuliana Vespere, architect, has written articles and essays on contemporary architecture published in specialised books and magazines.


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edited by Andrea Nastri and Giuliana Vespere

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