The catalog describes the exhibition project curated by Sonia Zampini, centered on presentation of the work Pezzi di Pace created by the artist Felice Limosani in the Renaissance courtyard of Palazzo Bartolini Salimbeni in Florence, home of the Collezione Roberto Casamonti. The installation is a reflection among identities engaged in a dialogue, mirroring visions  of the reciprocity between the definition of the man and of the architecture, between the individual and the universal, and revealing the harmony of shapes and contents that underlies knowledge and sharing. The first part of the volume is devoted to a discussion of the project, while the subsequent portion analyzes the main works produced by the artist during his career. With texts by  Felice Limosani, Jeffrey Schnapp, Cristiano Seganfreddo, Sonia Zampini

Felice Limosani is an internationally acclaimed artist, interpreter and innovator of the Digital Humanities, expert of expressive vanguards and emerging languages, Felice Limosani works with the idea of combining humanistic disciplines and digital technologies through art and design, to create synesthetic experiences new levels of perception, knowledge and broadened culture. Based in Florence, his multidisciplinary studio operates with the legal status of a Beneficial Entity, to develop original models of valorization of the cultural heritage, also in support of social, didactic and environmental contexts.

Felice Limosani. Pezzi di Pace

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edited by Sonia Zampini

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Pezzi di Pace, 17-01-2024


ISBN: 978-88-55211-215