Catalogue on the retrospective anthology organised by the Fondazione Giorgio Cini dedicated to Alberto Burri (città di Castello 1915 – Nice 1995), edited by the Art Historian and President of the Fondazione Burri Bruno Corà. The project shows the successful journey to international recognition as a result of the centenary of the birth of the Umbrian artist.

The exhibition chronologically recalls Burri’s artistic career through around fifty of his works chosen from his most important series: the Catrami [Tars], Muffe [Moulds], and the Sacchi [Sacks], before arriving at the Combustioni [Combustions], Legni [Woods], Plastiche [Plastics], Cretti [Cracks], and the last stage of the master’s artistic research, his Cellotex series.

The catalogue aims to reconstruct in its entirety the parable of one of the greatest pioneers of the new painting of the twentieth century who, through his research, addressed the crucial issue of the use of matter and its transformation into a work of art, and who is introduced in critical essays by Bruno Corà and the Director of the Institute of Art History of the Fondazione Giorgio Cini Luca Massimo Barbero.

BURRI. Painting, an irreducible presence

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edited by Bruno Corà

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