This catalogue for the exhibition at the Tornabuoni Gallery in Paris pays homage to the artists, Carla Accardi and Dadamaino (pseudonym of Edoarda Emilia Maino) through their research into symbols as a new artistic alphabet.
They shared the same desire for total freedom and independence which led them to join various artistic movements, while, at the same time, liberating themselves of all dogmatic structure. They created two unique paths, two distinct artistic languages that share the same strict discipline necessary for any transmission of conceptual experimentation.
This resulted in two distinct bodies of work created in series in which they explored the characteristics and possibilities to be found in painting: colour, line, light and dimension. Women with a strong belief in the importance of art and in social and political involvement, they were active in the militant battles of their time and left an enduring mark in the history of art.
Their creative journey is wonderfully illustrated through critical analyses and a vast selection of works by these two extraordinary artists, unique figures in the historical and artistic panorama of the latter half of the 20th century.

CARLA ACCARDI DADAMAINO. Between sign and transparency. Entre signe et transparence

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edited by Margit Rowell, Jean-Pierre Criqui, Valérie Da Costa, Elizabeth De Bertier

English/French edition

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ISBN: 978-88-55210-71-3-1

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