Dadamaino’s is finally coming to Florence after Paris.
Starting May 23 at Tornabuoni Arte, visitors can admire over 40 of her works. Forma is issuing an updated second edition of the catalog for the occasion with a complete collection of the masterpieces in this new exhibition. Many of the works in this new monograph were not in the previous edition or the retrospective in Paris, such as some of her Volumes canvases with single or repeated oval holes; in 1958 these works marked the debut of a new avantgarde direction in which Fontana’s influence is evident.

The introduction by Bernard Blistène contributes to outline the profile and artistic thought of this author who has gained recognition as part of the international avant-garde scene. Flaminio Gualdoni, curator of the two exhibitions, presents more than eighty works from the Volumi of the Fifties to works from the Il movimento delle cose series of the Eighties, grouping them in four “acts”, the Act of Azimut, the Act of the Method, the Act of the Sign and that of the Cosmos, each of which is introduced by a text which explains its significance from a conceptual point of view and explores the main historical and artistic phases associated with the life of Dadamaino.


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texts by Bernard Blistène, Flaminio Gualdoni – updated second edition

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