Catalogue of the exhibition held in the Museum of Livorno between October 31st, 2020 and January 31st, 2021. The exhibition was held to present more than a hundred works from the Alberto della Ragione Collection – now permanently conserved in the Museo Novecento in Florence – and the Giovanni Iannaccone Collection, conserved in Milan. Although these two great collectors lived at different times, they were very similar, possessing remarkable sensitivity and a critical eye that enabled them to collect works of exceptional importance by famous artists like Carrà, Morandi, Guttuso and Vedova, exponents of the Scuola di via Cavour (Mafai, Raphaël and Scipione) and other leading figures like de Pisis, Rosai, Guidi, Birolli, plus many others, whose works left an enduring mark on Italian artistic history.

This book includes critical essays and technical data sheets to help identify the historical context, and to guide visitors on a journey to discover the greatest Masters who created the enduring prestige of 20th century Italian art. This journey was made possible through the deep passion for art experienced by the two collectors: firstly Della Ragione, and then Iannaccone. As Sergio Risaliti, the exhibition curator, explains, “This exhibition is about life and passion, as stated by Walter Benjamin when, quoting Balzac, he claimed that “collectors were the most passionate people in existence”. The ‘Vissi d’arte’ catalogue demonstrates this undeniable passion for art, and an equally indisputable background to unique artistic works”.


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edited by Elena Pontiggia, Eva Francioli and Sergio Risaliti

Italian edition

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