“What happens when the typically Italian penchant for conceptual design and research, which obstinately strives to produce objects that satisfy a desire for transversal innovation and change, encounters a vibrant European conception that is historically contemporary and made of practicality, functionality and aesthetics?
The design of Sandra Laube and Biagio Cisotti is hybridized; it is attentive to contemporariness, studied and innovative, admirably combined with commutations, and at the same time wise, conscious and creative. […] Their approach is a hybrid one because their design combines, with simple means, fluid movements and yet with studied precision, different elements of different origins. Materials, textures and patterns are explored without prejudice; possible ways to produce and to use are placed on the same footing and dealt with without constraining hierarchies, with cheerful determination and restrained creative gestures. It involves commutation because the designers, more than ever concrete and pragmatic in their research on the form, on creative geometries, on patterns and their creative possibilities, leave the door open – with a nonchalant ability that is only apparently effortless – to prolific communicative exchanges and new utilitarian horizons, proving that the latter can always implemented, but never banally transposed. All their projects, whether it is a matter of objects for various manufacturers, graphic design or events presented by their studio, vaunt distinctive qualities of contemporary functional innovation, of a poetic yet pragmatic concept of reality.”

Biagio Cisotti he teaches in Florence, at the ISIA since 1989, and industrial design at the Architecture Faculty in 2003. He lectures in Europe and in South America and acts as art director for several Italian companies. Sandra Laube teaches in Florence, at Polimoda and at the Florentine branch of the Fashion Institute of Technology of New York. The partnership between the two designers commenced in 1992; their projects have been selected for important design awards, exhibited in various museums and published, on a national and international level. A solo exhibition on their work, “Wohnperspektiven”, was held in Rottweil (D) in 1996.


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Introduction by Carlo Vannicola, texts by Luisa Chimenz

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