Marc Donnadieu proposes a project based on the concept of creative destruction as the modus operandi that led to a complete renaissance of art after the Second World War. This volume is structured as a simple alphabet, in which each letter presents an artist and a disruptive action to which he has subjected the work of art. From Enrico Baj ‘attacking’ and Alberto Burri ‘burning’, to Arman ‘vandalising’ and Tancredi ‘zigzagging’. Far from being exhaustive, this list is merely a starting point for an infinite repertoire of iconoclastic artists and words. By virtue of its elementary nature, it invites participation, expansion and renewal. Beyond the title of the exhibition, it is in this spirit that the curator wishes to pay tribute to one of Tornabuoni Art’s best-loved artists: Alighiero Boetti, whose seemingly playful works allow us to confront profoundly philosophical questions. Inaugurated 30 years after the artist’s death, An alphabet of order and disorder looks at the world and a new generation confronting its uncertainties at the exhibition at Tornabuoni Art Paris from 24 April to 22 June 2024 in Paris.


Marc Donnadieu is former chief curator at Musée Photo Elysée and curator of contemporary art at LaM – Lille Métropole Musée d’art moderne, contemporain et d’art brut. A member of the Association internationale des critiques d’art (AICA) since 1997, he has worked regularly with Art Press since 1994 and with The Art Newspaper since 2023. He was awarded the Prix Spécial des 10 ans du Prix de l’AICA France in 2022 and Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et Lettres in 2004.He has curated or co-curated major monographic or thematic exhibitions devoted to contemporary painting, drawing and photography, the notion of engagement, identity processes in today’s social spaces, current representations of the body, the relationship between art and architecture and the relationship between photography and art brut.

Un alphabet de l’ordre et du désordre / An alphabet of order and disorder

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by Marc Donnadieu

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ISBN: 978-8855-211-80-2