Catalog of the exhibition “Claudio Parmiggiani” dedicated to the artist by the Paris branch of TornabuoniArt gallery from October 2023. The exhibition is the first entirely devoted to the artist’s Delocazioni series. Offering previously unpublished texts by Bruno Corà, Andrea Cortellessa and Philippe Dagen, the catalog traces the stages of the artistic research of Parmiggiani, who was born in Luzzara in 1943 and is recognized as one of the major artists on the Italian and international art scene. The exhibition offers a selection of works conceived in situ by the artist. Made with fire, dust and smoke, his first Delocazioni were born in the 1970s in Modena as a reflection on absence, shadow and trace. The catalog is enriched with texts from his work-books published since 1970, quotations from the artist, photos from the exhibition and archival images in collaboration with Parmiggiani’s studio.

Bruno Corà is an Italian art historian, art critic and president of the Burri Foundation. His career began in Milan where he was involved in curatorial projects in the 1960s. In the decades that followed Corà curated exhibitions of international artists including Vincenzo Agnetti, Alberto Burri, Yves Klein, Lucio Fontana, Alighiero Boetti, and Enrico Castellani. In 2022 he curated his first project with Claudio Parmiggiani, On Fire, a major exhibition at the Cini Foundation in Venice on the theme of fire.

Philippe Dagen is a French academic, art critic and novelist. He has published an art column in the newspaper Le Monde since 1985. An art historian, he teaches contemporary art history at Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University. Among his many publications of articles and books, his interest in Claudio Parmiggiani became apparent as early as 2008 with an article about the artist’s exhibition at the Collège des Bernardins, Paris.

Andrea Cortellessa is an Italian literary critic and historian of literature. He teaches contemporary Italian literature at the Università degli Studi Roma Tre. His interest in the work of Claudio Parmiggiani began more than a decade ago with the curatorship of a first catalog to be followed by a series of essays analyzing the artist’s production.




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with texts by Bruno Corà, Philippe Dagen and Andrea Cortellessa

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