The volume, edited by Laura Andreini, is dedicated to the Tormento e Luce exhibition by Franco Ionda, hosted by Rifugio Digitale. The work is site-specific, created by the artist specifically for this exhibition space, which moves skilfully between the physical and digital worlds.

The work leads the viewer into the abyss of a hybrid and indefinite space, a place where the earthly perception of time and space are annulled. The illusory dynamism of the reclaimed aluminium boards is well matched by the ethereal stasis of the decisive, pure and apparently borderless colours that the artist places at the two ends of the work, as if to balance the turbulent restlessness that pervades the gaze of the young woman in the first panel. In this new interpretation, the artist’s stars, fallen from the sky due to a desperate lack of harmony, dematerialise into a fluid that conceals the secret of the world. The beauty that envelops them changes the mood of the work, turning towards a resolution, from torment to light. The technique used is particularly pertinent to Ionda’s research and experimentation, which, starting from often recycled materials with a strong anthropological connotation, meets the digital and then returns to the material. In a cycle consistent with his vision, the artist lets the software take possession of the canvas, revealing new, unpredictable dimensions.


Franco Ionda was born in Florence and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of that city. Awarded scholarships, he also studied abroad, in Salzburg and in Finland. Since the late 1980s, when he was inspired by the Majakovskij poem A Cloud in Trousers he has been developing decapitated stars and oversized aluminum nails that contain profound considerations on the human condition, the relations between men and the social dialectic.

Tormento e Luce. Franco Ionda

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Dimensions 14.8 × 21 × 1 cm


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edited by Laura Andreini

English edition


ISBN: 978-88-5521-143-7

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