The object of the exhibition and of this catalogue is the role of Lucio Fontana in relation to at least two generations of artists working in Italy in the late twentieth century. His example strongly contributed to the great artistic advances made in Milan, which was already at the forefront of the art world thanks to its contribution Futurism in the years before the great war, and which was able to regain a prominent position at a European level in the Fifties and Sixties.

In the different use of dexterity and technology, of the minimal mark and of a universal vision, the different paths of exploration of the space-time concept, following the example of ontana’s insights, lead to a series of proposals emerged in the Milanese and

Italian artistic context between the 1950s and 1960s. These proposals engage in a dialogue with positions put forward elsewhere, in Paris and in New York, in London and in Amsterdam, but with a particular interpretation, guaranteed in the first place by Fontana’s behavior, in a dialogue between the specificity and sharing of horizons, which represented the aspirations of an art that is anything but separated from the conditions of the contemporary world. This small show, selected within an important collection of works by Gianni Dova, Roberto Crippa, Tancredi, Mario Deluigi, Enrico Baj, Piero Manzoni, documents the many different directions taken by Italian art throughout the twentieth century and wishes to bear witness to it.

Spatial Explorations

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