Encircled by a still intact belt of Medieval walls, enclosed within an urban plan whose voids still appear to prevail on the density of the built tissue, Piazza Garibaldi represents an important episode in the upgrading of the historical centre of Lastra a Signa. In this project the architects try not to superimpose an additional form, but rather to identify new relations between the existing elements, conceptually transforming the static space of the composition into the dynamic space of the narration, in such a way that the empty spaces still prevail on the built tissue.
The monograph presents a complete description of the work, through a technical details and an descriptive text along with photographs and technical drawings allow an in-depth understanding of the project.
An essay by Franz Prati introduces the project and a presentation about the activities of the practice, through bio-bibliographical notes, and a brief list of the works, concludes the volume.

Neostudio was founded by Eleonora Burlando and Riccardo Miselli, architects who both hold a PhD in architectural planning; since 2002 they have focused their work on the redesign of the contemporary reality on the basis of a repertory combining the figures of art, architecture and the landscape. Neostudio has designed numerous public spaces and buildings in Italy, many of them after winning idea and design competitions. In 2008 the firm was awarded the IQU – Innovation and Urban Quality prize with its design for Piazza Garibaldi in Lastra a Signa.


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