Four Calabrian artists trained in the 1970s, four different poetic paths and a communion of purpose. After Marginalia, the first exhibition in 1979 that saw them lined up side by side, their path split on the Italian territory, to reunite in 2021 in an exhibition bearing the same title as 22 years earlier.Francesco Correggia initially focused on performances and actions on the territory, to return, through a close link between writing and ritual signs, to painting. After moving to Milan, he holds the chair of decoration at the Brera Academy.Luigi Magli lives and works in Cosenza. His path is articulated between semiotics and reasoning about the language of art, investigating matter and its expressive, tactile and coloristic possibilities through his “personal expressionism” linked to memory and the passage of time. Rocco Pangaro lives and works in Rende, and is professor of Artistic Anatomy at the Academy of Fine Arts in Catanzaro, which he directed from 1998 to 2012. His research is wedged in the relationship between the artistic intervention and the place that hosts it, a reflection on spatial perception carried out also through mirror material. Giovanni Vatrella, having moved to Gorizia, digested the material lesson of Burri and the American minimalists, arrives at a conception of the work that incorporates reality, showing and concealing it at the same time behind thin canvases, in a pictorial and at the same time architectural poetics. The volume traces the work of the artists, highlighting their affinities and divergences, through the valuable narrative edited by Bruno Corà. It is accompanied by a rich apparatus of images and significant archival shots.

Bruno Corà has been a critic and curator since the mid-1960s. He has been a professor and honor academician at the Academy of Fine Arts in Perugia. He has taught at the Universities of Cassino and Florence. He has been director of Palazzo Fabroni Arti Visive Contemporanee in Pistoia, the Center for Contemporary Art Luigi Pecci in Prato and CAMeC-Centro d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea in La Spezia, as well as the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Lugano. He is currently president of the Burri Foundation. He has been curator of several International Art Biennials and numerous exhibitions of international artists.



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