The volume, edited by Laura Andreini, is dedicated to the photographic exhibition Invasion Drama, hosted by Rifugio Digitale. An account of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq from 2001 to 2009, a travelogue of hopes, anger, resignation, through images from the front, writings, artifacts and music. With two texts by Franco Farinelli, distinguished geographer, and Uliano Lucas, doyen of Italian reportage photography. An everyday life that is hard to imagine flows through the shots: an Afghanistan that has been without peace for decades, the mujahideen at the front, the surrender of the Taliban stronghold of Kunduz, the fighting against Al Qaeda in Kurdistan, the frenzy of the return to normalcy in Iraq after the fall of Saddam, the attacks in Baghdad. Behind each face is a story, a wound, a redemption. The attempt is also to show the other side of conflicts made not only of Kalashnikovs and tanks, but of people, ordinary life, children, women and men in territories destroyed by bombs in wars that seem to have no end. By comparing two realities, Afghanistan and Iraq, making them dialogue on various themes, nomadism, war, cities, archaeology and others. To give an account of the complexities and contradictions of conflicts whose coordinates, reasons, and possible ways out are too often missed.

Roberto di Caro is an Italian journalist and reporter. in 1977, he was the editor of the bi-weekly Nuovasocietà, with investigative reporting on Fiat, the factories, the union, the Italian anomaly, terrorism, drugs, prisons, austerity, political journalism and the different cultures of the Italian left wing. In 1983, Livio Zanetti called him to the weekly newsmagazine L’Espresso: there he wrote about the universities, the environment, the new professions, what it feels like to travel in the changing cities, Italian design in the Eighties. His were the first articles to appear in Italy on the bullying problem, which earned him the 1996 Hercules award as an instrument of peace “for information in defense of human rights». After September 11, 2001, he reported as a correspondent for L’Espresso on the war and postwar period in Afghanistan and, from 2003, in Iraq. He collaborated with magazines like ModoD La Repubblica delle donneEquilibriSlow and others.

Invasion Drama. Roberto di Caro

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edited by Laura Andreini

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