“Eliseo Mattiacci is certainly one of the great leading figures in contemporary art, one of the pioneers of the post-Sixties avant-garde, creator of experimentation and renewal in sculpture, inventor of astronomical-cosmological iconographies and of new spatial and conceptual relationships between art and nature, between man and environment. The art of Mattiacci connects the individual soul and the anima mundi.”
With these words the cirator Sergio Risaliti presents in the suggestive location of Forte di Belvedere in Florence “Gong”, the anthological exhibition of the artist from Marche Eliseo Mattiacci.
A true voyage of discovery an artist that has been discussed and made known over time by art historians and critics (Villa, Corà, Diacono e Celant, to name a few) with his language based “on the imagination and prefiguration, choosing the way of the symbolic and the archetypes, referring to geometry and poetry, to shamanism and alchemy to stay within nature and the cosmos as if it were a second skin.”
Through a deep photographic set and thanks to contributions by Lara Conte and the astrophisic Emanuele Pace, all accompained by a careful and accurate critical anthology, the catalogue gives to the reader the possibility to revisit the artistic carreer of Eliseo Mattiacci.

SERGIO RISALITI is an art historian, critic and journalist. He has a long career as creator and curator of exhibitions, cultural events and projects for promoting artistic heritage and contemporary artistic expression. In 1997, he created the project for the Palazzo delle Papesse, the Contemporary Art Centre in Siena, inaugurated in 1998. He acted as consultant for the restoration project and setting up of the museum and art centre, for which he drew up and directed the cultural plan, personally organising over 40 solo and group exhibitions, conventions and events. From 2001 he started to cure the exhibition on Giuseppe Penone, Antony Gormley, Jan Fabre and the collective “Ytalia Energy Thought Beauty. All is connected”. From this year is the Artistic Director of the Museo Novecento of Florence.

GONG Eliseo Mattiacci

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