This book, presented at the exhibition dedicated to Boetti at the Tornabuoni Art Gallery in London is not only an exhibition catalogue but also a vivid portrait of the artist and his personality as well as an insight into his life history.
The editor, Laura Cherubini, collected interviews, essays, and contributions from a large number of renowned artists and critics who knew Boetti well. They provide a detailed profile of the artist, his thinking, and his oeuvre.
For one special chapter, the editor obtained the precious collaboration of Hans Ulrich Obrist and some unpublished contributions dedicated to a selection of “unfinished projects”: ideas that remained trapped within drawings, prototypes, and sketches, which can be imagined through the narrative of a person who attempted to realise these works with Boetti.
As well as his writings, Hans Ulrich Obrist, art curator and director of the Serpentine Gallery in London, also gives an interview talking about his meeting with Boetti and how important and significant this encounter was for his career as curator.
This book is further enriched with an unpublished text by Agata Boetti dedicated to the experience of creating Mappe, its initial idea and realisation; the volume also includes other important texts and iconographic contributions.


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edited by Marco Bazzini with texts by Luca Massimo Barbero and Mathieu Copeland

English/Italian edition

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