This book was published on the occasion of the monographic exhibition dedicated to Maestro Arnaldo Pomodoro by the gallery, Tornabuoni Art London. The book retraces the career and works of the famous Italian sculptor through the illustration of more than fifty pieces selected from Pomodoro’s historical repertoire, some of which are on show at the exhibition, while others are an essential complement in representing the artist’s long and rich career as completely as possible.
The works are introduced by a long critical essay by Bruno Corà written for the artist’s monographic exhibition held in Paris in 2011. The text provides the reader with a double reflection, not only on the unquestionable merit of Pomodoro’s works and the founding aspects of his artistic production, but also on the role played by his contribution to the Italian and international cultural scene. Certain texts written by the artist himself define and assist in understanding the different series of works in various stages of his sculptural production.
Thanks to the invaluable and close collaboration of the Studio Arnaldo Pomodoro, it has been possible to portray the figure of Maestro Pomodoro, through rich illustrative material that describes the most important episodes, places and encounters in his artistic career. The volume includes a large section dedicated to bio-bibliography, filmography, list of exhibitions and a special section with photos of the diffusion and locations of Arnaldo Pomodoro‘s works around the world.


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