Alberto Biasi is one of the major figures in Italian post-war art history. He is one of the most coherent and authoritative experts in the world in the field of Programmed Art or Kinetic Art, also referred to as Optical Art.
Forma Edizioni presents the catalogue of the exhibition on the occasion of the monographic exhibition at the Tornabuoni Art Gallery in Paris in collaboration with the artist himself and curated by Serge Lemoine (Professor emeritus at the Sorbonne and previously director of the Musée d’Orsay in Paris).
The publication presents a detailed history of Alberto Biasi’s life and work, comprehensively portrayed through the critical text by Lemoine, describing the Maestro’s life, the most important places and fundamental stages of his career, as well as his artistic evolution.
The text is enriched with images from historic archives, to introduce the complete collection of the works on show, with the addition of certain “iconic pieces” which have been milestones in the artist’s career.
A large section is dedicated to his career (biography, bibliography, solo and collective exhibitions): it enriches the book, providing in-depth analysis useful in understanding the artist and his specific artistic expression.

“[…] Alberto Biasi created a simple, direct and approachable art, structured by a positivist goal, based on the use of programmed, controlled techniques, relying on experimentation, opened to society, carrying surprise and beauty. A beautiful ideal indeed.”

Alberto Biasi (Padua 1937), initially began with classical studies, and then studied at the Institute of Architecture and the Superior Course of Industrial Design in Venice. At the same time, he began his career as a painter and sculptor, and in 1959, he founded the Gruppo N. Since 1959 he has focussed his artistic activity on exploring visual perception in a range of different work cycles; during each stage he has scientifically and poetically analysed certain problems linked with vision: from his initial Trame to his world renowned Torsioni, his Light Prisms and Ottico-dinamici. In 2000 Biasi drew up a summary of his previous research and created his Assemblaggi pieces, mainly diptych and triptych compositions, predominantly monochromatic with impressive plastic and coloristic effects. As well as the twelve exhibitions held with Gruppo Enne, Biasi has had over a hundred solo exhibitions and has participated in more than five hundred collective shows, including ITALIAN ZERO & avantgarde ‘60s at the MAMM Museum in Moscow, the XXXII and XLII Biennials in Venice, the XI Biennial in San Paolo, the X, XI and XIV Quadrennials in Rome and the most important graphics Biennials, winning a large number of prestigious awards.


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