For me, nature is everything. The rest of the world is a fiction created by humans to keep themselves busy in which I have never felt comfortable. I am much happier daydreaming under a tree than anywhere else”. It is in nature, in the soulful silence of the Australian bush at first light, that Morganna Magee finds her inspiration. Originally from Melbourne, the Australian artist, at her first solo exhibition in Italy, brings to the Refuge an exhibition itinerary – Dark Whispers, curated by Irene Alison and Paolo Cagnacci – that puts together the pieces of her most recent projects together with new materials produced exclusively for the Digital Refuge, in an itinerary that takes us inside the black heart of the forest, in search of an ancestral and indomitable spirit.

A new stage in the Homecoming cycle, Morganna Magee’s research on landscape has a matrix that is more metaphysical than geographical: what she narrates is an inhabited territory, poised between the familiar and the surreal, populated by physical and impalpable presences, where Magee seems to search for the very roots of her own identity. Here and there a kangaroo peeps out, the profile of a horse stands out in the morning mist, a rustling of wings can be heard among the leaves, we seem to catch a glimpse of a ghost.