Turi Simeti vive e lavora a Milano.For many years, Turi Simeti has been one of the principal figures on the contemporary artistic and exhibition scene. Over fifty works taken from his long career are collected in this publication that Forma Edizioni has dedicated to his oeuvre on the occasion of the monographic exhibition that will be held at the Tornabuoni Art gallery in Paris from October 10, 2014.
A critique by Bruno Corà acts as an introduction to a selection of Turi Simeti’s works, retracing the progressive stages of his artistic development; the artist gradually detached himself from the flat surface of his canvas, and using recurring elements or contrasting harmony of form, he developed new compositions strong in intensity and movement.
A section written in collaboration with the Simeti archives closes the publication providing biographical and bibliographical details on personal and collective exhibitions necessary for a deeper understanding of the artist and his work.

“ … Simeti thereby makes his artistic language part of the history of 20th- and 21st-century art, with its defining shift in conceiving the surface, moving from representing two-dimensional surfaces to three-dimensional works with a painted/sculptural effect … ”

Turi Simeti was born in Alcamo, Trapani, in 1929. He moved to Rome in 1958, where he experienced his first contact with the art world, meeting various artists including Alberto Burri.
His artistic style became rapidly recognisable for his use of monochromy and relief effects – the only elements he adopted in his compositions. He began to research the visual and structural aspects of Arte Programmata and New Art Practice art forms. The list of personal and collective exhibitions and installations in public and private spaces is extensive. Particularly interesting is the large anthological personal exhibition organised in August 2010 in the artist’s birthplace, Alcamo. The exhibition was a demonstration of the artist’s strong, long-lasting and unbroken bond with his home region. The most recent showing was the ‘Pianissimo’ exhibition in 2012 at the Mayor Gallery in London, later on show at the Galleria Dep Art in Milan in 2013, followed by another in the Fabbriche Chiaramontane in Agrigento.
Turi Simeti lives and works in Milan.


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