Luca Locatelli, one of the most awarded and published Italian photographers on the international scene, has focused his lens on, exploring the places in which the symbiosis between man, nature and technology work together to develop solutions for the future of humanity. For a very long time, our future has been the territory of utopic visions based on progress. But, while progress has enabled us to overcome many of the problems that have plagued mankind through the centuries and has enabled us to product more food, medicine, energy and raw materials, its success has destabilized the ecological balance of the planet in many ways. It appears that, if it is true, as Yuval Noah Harari claims, that science is moving steadily closer to transforming Homo in Deus, it is precisely on this borderline that Homo risks losing himself. What are the goals at the top of the list of projects for humanity in the 21st century? What are the next steps we can take as a species? The urgency to respond to this question prompted Locatelli to travel on five continents, to visit the laboratories where research scientists promise to satisfy the needs of humanity with their discoveries, in lands in which tradition and mythology merge with advanced technology, all the way to the frontiers in which we test new ways of living and play with our evolution.

Luca Locatelli is a photographer for National Geographic Magazine and collaborates frequently with international media like The New York Times Magazine, TIME, The New Yorker, Bloomberg Businessweek, Geo Germany, among others. Locatelli’s works have been exhibited and presented in a number of galleries and museums, including the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum-NYC, the SCoP, the Shanghai Center of Photography, the Somerset House in London, Les Rencontres d’Arles, Visa pour l’Image, Noorderlicht International Photography Festival, Getxophoto International Image Festival and Cortona On The Move. His works have been acclaimed and awarded many times, including: Leica Oskar Barnack Award 2020; World Press Photo 2020 e 2018, World Photography Organization 2018, 2020, 2021, 2022; POY Photographer of the Year 2020, American Photography Winners 2018, Nannes Prise 2017, AftermathGrant Winner 2014.

Future studies. Luca Locatelli

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