On the occasion of the monographic retrospective dedicated to Dadamaino by Tornabuoni Art Gallery in Paris, Forma edizioni presents the catalogue featuring all the works included in the exhibition.
The introduction by Bernard Blistène contributes to outline the profile and artistic thought of this author who has gained recognition as part of the international avant-garde scene. Flaminio Gualdoni, curator of the exhibition, presents more than eighty works from the Volumi of the Fifties to works from the Il movimento delle cose series of the Eighties, grouping them in four “acts”, the Act of Azimut, the Act of the Method, the Act of the Sign and that of the Cosmos, each of which is introduced by a text which explains its significance from a conceptual point of view and explores the main historical and artistic phases associated with the life of Dadamaino.

Emilia Edoarda Maino (1930) takes her first steps in the art world in the Fifties with the name of Dada Maino. The first Volumes date to 1958; it is a matter of canvases with one or more ovoid holes, which characterize her debut as part of the new avant-garde. In 1959 she joins the group founded by Manzoni and Castellani, gathered around the Azimut Gallery and the Azimuth magazine. Her research then passes from the Volumi a moduli sfasati to the Oggetti ottico-dinamici and numerous researches on the times and modes of perception and colour. In 1975, with the L’Inconscio razionale series, Dadamaino returns to reflect on the meaning and quality of the physical act of creating a sign. The anthological exhibition held in 200 at the Museum Bochum definitely consecrates her as a primary figure of the avant-gardes. She dies in Milan on 13 April 2004.


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