“Under 50 over 5000” presents a completely new selection of designs made for the fashion sector, analysed and described with the precious contribution of their ideator, Antonio Barbieri. Barbieri is an architect but above all, a craftsman who has worked with interior design, exhibition areas and commercial spaces for many years. The volume unites and describes, through texts, technical drawings and images by Pietro Savorelli, a selection of works, comprising numerous projects ranging from furniture to lighting design, from concepts for international brands to window displays, to temporary stores.
The red thread of the story on architecture is the outstanding versatility of this design, which is especially evident from an essential trait that characterizes all the projects included in the publications, namely their markedly “crafted” and “customised” nature.
The skilful use of the materials and their adaptation to forms and placements, which is often very original, allow Barbieri to create spaces that not only succeed in meeting the commercial requirements, but that also adjust to the all-important present-day restriction, that of the “cost per square meter”.
In fact, the choice of projects presented herein comprises both projects of luxurious interiors where nothing has been spared and others where a remarkable result has been achieved in spite of a limited budget.

LARA VINCA MASINI, a leading critic in the world of contemporary art world, author of treatises and monographs and organizer of national and international exhibitions and events, has been an active member of AICA (International Association of Art Critics) since 1967 and is currently coordinator of the Museo Progressivo d’Arte Contemporanea of Livorno. She was awarded the Lincei Prize for criticism in 1986. In addition to the two volumes of Arte Contemporanea. La linea dell’unicità (Florence, 1989) her published works comprise, among others, l’Art nouveau (Florence 1975) and Dizionario del fare arte contemporaneo (Florence, 1992).


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Introduction by Marco Casamonti, with an essay by Lara-Vinca Masini

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