With Cosmo, Alessandro Messina asks each of us to exist, but at the same time his gaze is a eulogy to lack, a worship of absence and a search for a new balance through the downsizing of the ego. Man finds his dimension within his own spaces, among the architectural lines of the world he has built and lives as an integral part of himself. The loneliness of the protagonists of his shots is not meant as abandonment, but is something we are confronted with every day, a moment of immersion in our thoughts, in trivial or important choices, in which we return small compared to the world. Messina’s shots are united by an introspective and reflective character, a mirror of a sensitivity that tries to give a body to the distance between man and the objects that surround him. The camera, constantly calibrated on a conceptual filter, abstracts from each framed landscape the foundational structures that underlie it, bringing out the universal from the particular. A spatial movement contrasted by the motionless temporality in which Messina’s images seem to be immersed, suggesting the opportunity to stop and observe.