There is a carnal and primordial dimension to the idea of ‘home’ that Isa Rus narrates. A body house, a breast house, a root house, a mother house. Birthmark, the title of her solo exhibition, the sixth stage of the Homecoming cycle, in fact evokes not only in a literal sense the idea of the sign of birth – what we call “birthmark” in common language – but also alludes to the profound transformation that comes with motherhood.
“This project,” says the Spanish photographer, “reflects a mixture of personal and universal experiences, capturing the raw, intimate moments of motherhood and the deep connections we form with our surroundings and the people we love.”

Her work is part of the trajectory of the mother gaze, a visual quest that aims at an authentic representation of motherhood, removing the mother from the flat dimension of the icon, revealing its chiaroscuro and contradictions. Isa Rus looks at mothers to see who and what she herself has become in the metamorphosis of having a child, and this mirroring sounds like a poetic and political claim: on her own identity, her own body, her own condition and her own narrative.