The reproduced work of Michaël Zancan is an example of plotting algorithms created by the artist to represent nature through the medium of digital programming code. Transposing the setting to Italy, he introduces elements of Florentine architecture into the process of artistic design, albeit in a minimalist and highly stylized format, with local arboreal species typical of Tuscan landscapes. The intent of this work is not realism, or naturalistic accuracy, but rather a mixture of elements from different cultures testifying to the artist’s experience of the world seen through his works. Digital printing technology on fabric, 100% organic cotton OCS ring-spun 145 g/m2, with OEKO-TEX certified ECO PASSPORT ink. Work shown in zancan's solo exhibition Sheltered Landscapes (Florence, Rifugio Digitale, 28.09 - 15.10.2023) within the Digital Horizons cycle.