Future Studies
Luca Locatelli
October 20 – November 27 2022


The idea for SuperNatural, imagined by Irene Alison as a reflection that cuts across contemporary life including our relationship with space as much as the way in which we project ourselves in time, before a horizon that grows ever more uncertain, between epidemics and climate crises, is expressed by Locatelli in photographs and videos that, though firmly anchored in reality, generate the awe of science fiction. On the screens of Rifugio Digitale, the meeting place between technology and art, his pictures open windows on other ways and other worlds, where they give concrete shape to hope, inviting the viewer to acquire critical awareness and attempt a change of pace, in search of a new balance.
It is possible to purchase the pictures on exhibition in limited series and in two different sizes. It is also possible to acquire the NFTs of some of videos, selected by the artist.

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