On Thursday 1 December 2022 at our spaces in Via della Fornace 41, in collaboration with Forma Edizioni and thanks to the support of Banca Ifigest, we will inaugurate Ao 青 (‘Blue’) by Charlotte Dumas, the second exhibition within the SuperNatural cycle, curated by Irene Alison and Paolo Cagnacci. The common theme of the exhibitions is that of the SuperNatural understood in a triple meaning: as an overcoming of the natural dimension towards an artificiality without return, as an escape towards an ancestral dimension and as a search for a supernatural dimension. Charlotte Dumas, a photographer and video artist who in her research investigates the complexity of the factors through which we define the value of animals and of ourselves as human beings, arrives at the Digital Shelter with a path, created expressly for this exhibition, taken from her video/photographic projects “Shio”, “Yorishiro” and “Ao”, all of which were made on the island of Yonaguni. With her exhibition Ao 青 Charlotte unveils the horizon of a dialogue between the natural dimension, which takes shape in the presence of horses and in the ancestral and impervious landscape of the Japanese island of Yonaguni, and the human dimension, embodied by the three very young protagonists of this story: three little girls capable of symbolically shortening the distance that separates us from nature thanks to their ability to communicate with the earth and its creatures. It will be possible to purchase the NFT(s) of selected videos from the artist.


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